Hello!  My name is Naomi Johnson and I’m a photographer from Gibbon, Minnesota.  In 2013, I was asked to take the school and sports pictures for our local Lutheran grade school, Prairie Lutheran, where I’m also a part-time preschool teacher.  In the years since, it has been a pleasure to see the kids grow every year and, in the case of the sports pictures, I also have a lot of fun creating works of art featuring the athletes here.  What a boost to self confidence a good photograph can make!  I enjoy putting together a product line that is what parents are looking for and wowed by and also something that is worry and work free for principals and teachers as well.

If your school family is looking to go in a local, personalized direction for traditional portraits and/or sports team pictures, I ask that you consider me to be your photographer.  Below on this page, you can see information about products and portrait packages that I currently offer.  Each school is a little different, however, so if you’d like to learn more about what I can do for YOUR school, please contact me below and inquire for more specifics.  Even if your school is currently under another photography company contract, contact me anyway and we can talk more about what I can do for you and then I’ll touch base with you again when it’s time to consider the next year’s school portrait photographer.

THANK YOU for your time today!  

Naomi Johnson — 507-276-0083 — redfoxphotographymn@gmail.com


Traditional School Portraits

Fall school pictures are available, well, anytime in the fall.  We have typically done them in early September, although there is a growing interest in our area for pictures to be done at school registration in August.  Depending on the total number of schools I have booked, I’d like to get everyone in for the first pictures before the end of September. 

When I have photographed your pictures, I will process and send them to a professional lab to be printed.  They should be back to your school no later than 2 weeks after the shoot.   Retakes are usually a couple weeks after this.

There is no cost for me to come to your school to photograph your school children.  My payment will come via the packages that parents order.

Some free options that principals/teachers have:
  • All kids’ pictures come to your school on a CD or flash drive for use in yearbook or school records.  (Need an extra one for the local police department records?  Let me know!)
  • Stickers featuring each child, for school record folders.  Let me know how many you need!
  • Local customer service.  What can I do to help you with school pictures – let me know and I’ll see what I can do!
Some of the options parents have:
  •  Free online proofing when ordering a certain package price or higher
    • I photograph a couple additional poses for a child with this option checked on the form.  Afterwards, I email parents the proofs online and they can pick which one they like.
  • Multiple background colors and design choices
    • In the past I’ve had 5 color options for backgrounds and starting in the fall of 2018 I’m going with green screen to offer an “outdoors” look as well.  Several poses available as well.
  • Affordable options as well as “the kitchen sink”
    • After surveying the local parents, I created packages that featured items they most wanted to see together.  Digital files also available in the highest package, as well as an add-on.
  • Class pictures in every package
    • A favorite by everyone – each package features a class composite featuring all the children in each classroom.  Multiple teachers and/grades in a room can be shown too!
  • Local customer service
    • If principals, teachers or parents have any questions at all, I’m available quickly through phone and email.  I will do my best to give everyone the photographs they’d like.  

Would you like more info for YOUR school? 

–> Email me at redfoxphotographymn@gmail.com
–> Call me at 507-276-0083


Dramatic Sports Portraits

The sports options really can vary quite a bit.  The options I currently offer are just for what one school wanted…what you’d like to see could be completely different and that’s OK!  I can create something perfect for your team.

Some things to think about:

  • Where would you like your pictures to be?
    • Indoor sports like basketball and volleyball are typically shot indoors.  I bring lighting for individual pictures as well as a team shot.  Green screen is used for the individual and team shots to add dramatic flair. 
    • Summer rec type sports pictures can look quite nice (and perhaps only available) outdoors.  I bring lighting for this as well and then we can use the existing equipment as props/backgrounds.  Green screen is not used.
  • What kinds of products have you liked in the past?
    • If you’ve hired a pro photographer in the past and have products that you love, let me know and I’ll see if I can get them as well.  Typically, though, I have a collection of standard gifts/prints options that you’ve likely seen in the past, as well as my own designs which are specific only to me.  See the pictures below.
  • What time of the year do you want them?
    • Whether you’re a summer rec league or a school, let me know as soon as you can as to what time frame you are looking for so I can get you on my calendar.

Other things…

  • There is no fee for me to come and photograph your teams and individuals. 
  • Any banners or promotional products do cost something…inquire for more details.  As a ballpark figure…something like one of the three banners at the bottom of this page runs about $200.
  • If you are a school, you will receive complementary low resolution digital files of your teams for yearbook if you wish.

Click on the image above to view as PDF (and make it easier to read the small text….)

Take your team pictures to the next level!

From this…

…to this!

Personalized collages feature individual player photo as well as a team pictures.  First and last names of the players added as well.  Two different layouts available.  Three background options for individuals.

Focused on You collages feature a player in multiple sports.

These banners were designed and displayed at the school for the last couple years.

Would you like more info for YOUR sports pictures? 

–> Email me at redfoxphotographymn@gmail.com
–> Call me at 507-276-0083

Thank you for supporting a local small business!